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Ck2 fabricate claim on kingdom

War is one of the most important element of every strategy game. Although in Crusader Kings II it doesn't matter that much, you shall pay attention to it. Medieval art of war is shown in this game in very detailed way. Unfortunately, as it happens in simulations, reality makes a lot of problems to the nowadays players. The most number of doubts cause an act of declaration of war, because it requires good reason casus belli.

To obtain such pretext, you can decide on one of possibilities which are described below. The easiest method basing on sending the chancellor to the enemy land and usurp the power. It's described in the chapter Council: Chancellor. There is one flaw: you can seize only one county at once. If the holy father declare a holy war, all Christian monarchs gain a casus belli against that target.

Another values of this solution is fact that you gain pope's respect and piety points. It's described in detail in the chapter Religion: Crusade. If you have reasonable rights to the particular land, and you don't possess it, you can start a war in case of getting this place.

Such claimants you may gain if you're one of the legal descendants of this territory or if someone took it from your parents.

Creating the Kingdom of Ireland 1066 - Crusader Kings II

What is more, if any county leaves your kingdom, you can fight to regain it. Another argument that can be used is an integrity of the country. In frames of the kingdom de jure an owner of its crown can fight for the lands that are out of his power filter in the right bottom corner of the screen. An additional thing is usurping rights to some land. For instance, if you usurped rights to the Great Poland duchyhe automatically gains casus belli against all terrains included in the de jure of this kingdom.

Special statement informs you when it's possible. Both player and his subjects can declare war thanks to intrigues. If in the bookmark Intrigue at the upper part of the screen an intrigue which goal is to change the political system, defeat the ruler or regain independence, it'll be connected with declaring a war. But remember that the goal of confrontation is clearly defined and you can't cross it. So if you're fighting for the change of the political system you'll gain only that plus prestige, of course.

Unfortunately such plans show up in the game very rarely. If you have at least piety points in case of the emperor you're catholic and not at war at the moment, you may ask the pope for the blessing for an invasion on the other, Christian country.

Win in such war allows you to seize all domain of the defeated enemy but with two catches: enemy has to have more land than you, and all the operation depends on Holy's Father will. If some monarch get excommunicated, every catholic can declare war at him.

It's comfortable because if you're respected by the pope, you may ask about excommunication the chosen character. It is described wider in the Religion: Basics. If any of your subordinates have right to the particular territory, you can submit his demands and declare war to the actual owner. In the case of victory, the conquered lands go to the vassal, not to you.

That's why such intervention isn't always profitable. On the other hand, it's cosy way, because it doesn't require much effort. You just need to Invite to Court one of descendants of the debatable province and declare the war in his name. If the achieved titles are not equaled with yours, you'll gain new subordinate with all his territory. If you want declare a war to the infidels, you can do it in every moment. Heretics aren't protected by any law, so you can conquer their lands with impunity.

But remember to convert the heretic province after the winning. The least profitable war is definitely war in defence of the faith.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms.

It only takes a minute to sign up. In Crusader Kings II, there tends to be a motley collection of people with a claim on some particular duchy or county.

You can press such a claim by inviting one of these people to court, which will allow you to declare war on the current holder of the title; if you win the war, then the guy with the claim gets the title and loves you dearly.

ck2 fabricate claim on kingdom

Of course, going to war just to hand a title to somebody else is no fun, unless they end up as one of your vassals once the war is over. I've found a good way to bring counties into your kingdom: give that courtier a county so he becomes your vassaland then, once the war ends, the courtier-you-promoted-to-count will still be your vassal, and that new county will become part of your kingdom.

My question is, How does this work for duchies? If I give the courtier a county so he becomes my countthen will he be my duke once the war ends? Or will he decide that he's going to take his duchy and become independent? Do I need to give him a duchy if I want him to be my duke after the war? How can I press a courtier's claim for a duchy and make sure that duchy becomes part of my kingdom?

Here's how it works: If you are their liege, the gains from the war are part of your kingdom. It doesn't matter if they're your king, duke, earl, or even mayor, bishop, or count. To claim a duchy from somebody else through war when you don't have a casus belli that lets you claim it directly :.

Give that claimant a landed title. Any landed title will do, even a city, church, or castle. Note that if you land the claimant a city, gaining him a Duchy will found a vassal merchant republic instead of gaining you a new feudal vassal if you are playing version 1. Merchant republics are generally considered awesome to have as vassals due to their revenue and tax bonuses, but this might disrupt an existing merchant republic that is already earning you revenue.

I'm guessing that this will also work with kingdoms if you're an emperor. So far, I've claimed two duchies this way: once by giving away a county to the claimant, and once by giving away a bishopric. You can only use "any claimant with a pulse" if the title is disputed or the ruler is a child; you can only use "any male claimant with a pulse" if the ruler is female; otherwise, you'll need to pick up one of the pretenders or someone with a strong claim: you'll need to do slightly more research to find who they are, and they're often harder to invite to your court.

Note: if there are three or fewer male claimants, then it's almost certain that they're the heir and pretenders. Just grab one and go on your way. Figuring out the exact claims is more important when there are four or more male claimants. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.The chancellor is the member of the council who advises on matters of diplomacy.

The position is traditionally considered the highest on the council. The position of chancellor is available to those vassals and courtiers who are male, over 16 years old, not a prisoner, and not incapable. Characters with a high diplomacy stat are preferred for this position. Chancellors can be tasked to do three things: improve relations, fabricate claims, and sow dissent.

A higher diplomacy makes improved diplomatic relations more likely. There is a small chance that diplomatic relations can be worsened by the chancellor's attempts, especially if the chancellor has a low diplomacy. Fabricate Claims - the chancellor is sent to a particular county to fabricate a claim on that county for his liege. A higer diplomacy makes the fabrication of a claim more likely. Particularly skilled chancellors may fabricate a claim on the entire duchy instead. The fabricated claims are strong, and are not inheritable unless pressed in war.

There is a small chance the holder of the title will find out about the fabrication attempt and be infuriated, worsening relations. Sow Dissent - the chancellor is sent to the court of another ruler to sow dissent between that ruler and his or her liege. A higher diplomacy makes the sowing of dissent more likely.

If the chancellor succeeds, the relations between the ruler and his or liege will be worsened. There is a small chance the chancellor's attempts will be uncovered, and the targeted ruler's opinion of the chancellor's liege will fall.

The chancellor of a Muslim ruler is instead known as a Grand Vizier. Similarly, the chancellor of a Byzantine ruler is known as a Magistros. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

How to Get a Casus Belli in Crusader Kings 2: Part 1

Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm new to the game, and am on my first playthrough where I've successfully become the King of Ireland. I've been eyeing up the title of King of Brittany, but I'm not sure of the best way to take it.

I've tried one plan, where I married my sister matrilineally to a courtier with a claim on the Duchy of Briezh same territory. I've pressed the claim and won the war, so now the courtier is Duke, and my dynasty will take charge next generation.

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Although, I've realized this doesn't really help me - my nephew will become Duke of Briezh, vassal to the current King of Brittany, instead of me. Even if I find someone with a claim on the Kingship itself, if I press his claim, he'll just become King of Brittany when I win, and still won't be part of Ireland. I suppose I'd have great relations with the Kingdom of Brittany, but I want that land for myself!

Do I need to ask the Pope for some help? Marry into the royal family itself and eliminate the other heirs? Fabricate claims and take the kingdom county by county? Is there any way for me to get a claim on the kingship myself? I am assuming that the actual kingdom of Brittany title hasn't been created as of yet. Because if it already exists then you would just have to usurp it from the current owner through most of the same steps. Start fabricate a claim on that Duke or alternative arrange a marriage where the title would eventually end up under your control longer way but possible quicker with enough murder.

Then usurp his title so you become the De Jure King. If it doesn't exist. Then you need to create it. Otherwise it may fall to someone beyond your control soonly afterward if you are not careful especially if it is elective type succession.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I've been playing an extremely long game starting as the Duke of Moray Scotland. I successfully claimed independence and became King of the Petty Kingdom of Moray. I've been battling with rubbish succession laws for over 2 centuries and desperately want to claim the Kingdom of Scotland. Is it possible to fabricate a claim because the king is refusing to let me marry into his house over political concerns.

ck2 fabricate claim on kingdom

I can't change my succession laws to primogeniture because the de jure Kingdom of Scotland has autonomous vassals. Can I affect this somehow even though I'm independent? By the way I'm very powerful; I have a sizable army and I've managed to instate my dynasty as rulers of Norway. My Norwegian nephew is great friends with the King of Scotland though so I have ally issues.

This sounds like a horrible mess, Can anybody help? Showing 1 - 15 of 28 comments. Is there any chance of speeding up the process of having the King deposed or increasing my chances of becoming King any other way?

Originally posted by Marky D :. You can fabricate claims only for counties and duchies, it is chosen randomly and you need some high diplomacy base skill to be able to fabricate claim on duchy. You can take scotland bit by bit by inviting other claimants to your court or wait for the current ruler to die if you have messed relations preventing you from marrying into the ruling family.

You can always send diplomat to improve relations, usually few years and the bonuses get stacked up. You can do a couple things. Marry your heir to one of his daughters. He likely won't accept due to 'political concerns' because your land belongs to him dejure When he dies his daughter will get a strong claim. Press her claim and as long as she stays in power your future grandson and heir will inherit scotland eventually, unless scotland has an elective succession law.

Or wait until your heir's heir inherits the weak claim and go from there. Marry your heir to the daughters of one of is dukes and follow the same rule as above. Afew generations of swiping duchies from him and you'll be able to usurp the throne from him fairly soon.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up.

ck2 fabricate claim on kingdom

I'm am playing as England. I wanted to invade Scotland and Wales. When I try to fabricate a claim I only get a claim on a county, not a whole kingdom. It takes a lot of time to capture a kingdom that way and when I try to fabricate a claim on the Capitol of the kingdom it doesn't work. Beware, an untimely death can spoil your plans.

On the other hand, you may be able to use assassination or a plot to arrange a timely death. I have found it best to not press claims immediately upon fabricating them. You can fabricate claims on multiple counties in a kingdom, and then when you declare war on the king, you can press all claims at once. You just have to balance that with the likelihood of your ruler dying, which would make you lose most, if not all, of your claims.

The benefit of going this route is that you don't have to face the resources of an entire kingdom and its allies multiple times at a gain of one county per war. You also don't have to wait for truces to expire one county at a time.

When you start getting multiple kingdoms, you quickly learn that keeping your kingdoms is actually a lot harder than gaining them. I prefer elective monarchy, so you can have a larger demesne than primogeniture, and you can select the best member of your family to be your next playable character. This gets tricky when you have to rig multiple elections, though.

An untimely illness or assassination before you can get your ducks in a row could be devastating. A nice trick is that if your preferred heir doesn't look like he has a chance of being elected in one kingdom, you could just grant the kingdom to him as a landed title before you die. The biggest threat here would be your king outliving the preferred heir, which would trigger another election in the kingdom that is more or less outside of your control.

If you want more than one kingdom, you need to become emperor as soon as possible. That way, even if you lose a kingdom, the new king will still be your vassal and the kingdom will still be in your realm.

You want to think carefully about which Kingdoms you go for. Then I died and my heir inherited just Ireland, Brittany and Wales. I only inherited Brittany and Wales as I had never created the titles, so they were de jure part of Ireland.

The others were gavelkind, so my 3 kingdoms were divided between my sons.Home Games. Are you new to Crusader Kings 2 and don't know where to start? Fear not for this guide will show you how to create a kingdom in one character! Chapter 0: Before We Start Before we start let's clear something out that can be confusing for new players: Cassus Beli is a reason for war. Without it you can't fight. You can wage war against someone who has lands you or one of your courtiers have claim on and few other reasons, but for the sake of this guide we will need just Claim and De jure.

De jure means "by law". Every duchy consists of counties, every kingdom is made of duchies and so on. If you have duchy title, but not all of it's de jure lands belong in your realm, you can wage war against outside holders.

Winning De jure war always results in realm coming to your realm but if you are the king it's not always for you, I will describe it later. Claim is "legal" right for the land. Legal is in quotation marks since they can be fabricated important! Pressing a claim means wage a war in a name of person having the claim agains person holding the title. Winning the war not always result in land coming to your realm! If you are not claimant there are two conditions that must be met to get a land through Claim war: Claimant must already have land in your land barony will suffice.

The title you are pressing claim on must be lower than yours. For example, if ou are a duke and you press claim on a duchy for someone else, that person will be independant. But if you are king and press a claim on duchy for your vassal duke, then duke will have two duchies and you still are his liege.

ck2 fabricate claim on kingdom

That should be enough to get you starting. Chapter 1: Starting Up Step 1: Choosing your character. For begginers, Ireland with a starting date of is a good choice for couple of reasons. Most rulers are count-tier which means they have up to 3 counties which is low.

That gives you early advantage since you can easly gain more lands and be the most powerful person in the land.

Easiest characters are: Murchad ua Brian, duke of Munster - he is a duke with a single county, two vassals, a De jure claim on a nerby county, male heir and, what's most important, a historical bloodline.

That bloodline can be passed to his descendants which give ua Brians an advantage over other Irish rulers. Aed ua Conchobair, duke of Connacht - an old guy with realm of two is weaker than Murchad, but still relevant since he is duke, but he lacks the bloodline and lands.

His advantage lies in his position. West Connacht has a double battle modifer giving your troops advantage and giving enemies disadvantage at the same time attacking from here gives our troops disadvantage though.

Crusader Kings 2 Claim Command

Murchad ua Cheinnselaig, count of Dublin - his start is a little bit trickier than the last two since he is a count and has no de jure claims. But he has two things other counts hasn't at that is county of Dublin which is both duchy and kingdom de jure capital it gives nice modifier to troops and is an heir for county of Leinster, which makes him triple count.

His dad has to die first though, by natural means, or your scheming. He is old, so you can just wait up. For the sake of simplicity, the rest of the guide will be made as if ua Brian was chosen to play. Step 2: Council. First thing you do is checking your council. Set your chancellor to Fabricate claim job on whatever county near you, but in case of Desmond it's not needed you already have De jure claim on it so it 's not neccesary, but if you fabricate claim you prevent a civil war, more on it later.

Set your marshal to train troops in your capital Set your steward to collect taxes in your capital Set your spymaster to Study technology in another country if you are ua Cheinnselaig and are plotting to kill your father set him to Build Spy network in Leincester Set your chaplain to improve religous relation with any of your bishops.

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